Account Manager

Cummins Facility Services is looking for an individual who has both janitorial and management experience and would be interested in becoming an Account Manager within our company. This person would provide direct leadership and guidance to staff to ensure high level of cleanliness, quality and service.
Duties and Responsibilities:
- Monitor employee attendance and performance and take proactive action when patterns of absenteeism or unacceptable performance are observed.
- Weekly inspection requirements for all accounts.
- Developing relationships with local management and account management.
- All problem resolution, staffing issues and periodic scheduling.
- Monitor and supervise employee timekeeping process.
- Hiring and firing of labor
- 24/7 responsibility
Job Requirements:
- 3 years minimum cleaning experience preferred
- 2 years minimum supervisory experience
- Good customer relation skills
- Leadership ability
- Positive Attitude
- Time Management skills
- Valid drivers license
- Pass drug/background check

Don't Be Fooled

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