Molding Technician

Company Name:
KWKS Executive Search
This position includes overall responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the injection molding process/operations Reports to Operations, Process Engineering and Tooling Engineering to maintain process compliance.
Work requires independent problem solving and decision making skills with general direction provided on objectives and broad guidance from corporate strategy and goals. Work is complex, difficult in character and requires strong technical knowledge. Decisions often involve substantial risk to the organization with potential for long-lasting results.
Start up and shut down of equipment before or after designated shut down periods.
Complete First piece sign-off procedure reviewing current concerns and operator quality concerns.
Verify that the setup and material matches BOM and the correct amount of regrind is being used.
Respond to problems identified by operators and to calls on Plantstar.
Communicate with on coming shift of issues and concerns. Machine by machine walk through of the plant floor identifying potential problems. Status of the job changes and down machines.
Support engineering sample runs and provide floor support to Engineering.
Review Op report and direct Job setters in tool changes and sign off of job sets.
Actively participates in JVISs Health, Safety and Environmental activities to support a safe work environment.
Demonstrate preparation of auxiliary items
Responsible for purging, mold cleaning, saving and tagging last shot.
Maintains an acceptable attendance record to ensure timely work completion.
Must have knowledge of Quality Systems as relates to this job as described in the Quality System Manual and associated documents.
Verify process compliance on running equipment.
Check that each parameter on the machine either matches the set point or is within the tolerance designed by Process Engineering. Parameters outside of the window, the adjustment must be logged on the process changes logs.
Complete Mold cleaning and gloss check and log as required.
Verify that SPC is running in control and if not follow Reaction to Out Of Control work instruction.
Clean tool and vents with proper cleaning agent is needed. Log cleaning activity if required
Issue Reporting at the end of each shift complete as needed Tooling Issues/Work orders, Maintenance work orders and process change notification to Process Engineering.
Assist in troubleshooting of Machine, Tool and Process conditions.
Assist in tool removal and repair process when required.
Recommends preventative maintenance frequencies, parameters and instructions as well as helps develop operator instructions for mold process when required.
Performs other job related duties as assigned.
Minimum of 3 years experience is preferred.
Demonstrates strong written and verbal communication skills in order to effectively communicate.
Ability to calculate and analyze data, generate reports, present information, etc.
Must be able to initiate implementation of continuous improvement processes.
Working knowledge of MS office software applications.
Must be able to work independently under little or no supervision.
Position will require lifting, walking, climbing of ladders, exposure to warm and cold working environments
and the use of protective clothing.
Changes to these roles and responsibilities, must be approved by Operations and Facilities/Manufacturing Eng. prior to implementation.

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